Stalker Resource System – An Add-on Case Study

This will be a walk-through of my Stalker add-on called Stalker Resource System (SRS), which is a replacement for the standard Stalker resource bar, adding customization and a ton of features.

I will get into some code related things and mention some current minor quirks with the API as well as talk about some practices, but in large part it’s going through the add-on to describe some of the more interesting options and features I’ve added to something as simple as a resource bar, as well as the thoughts behind them.

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Introduction to Pixies

This article assumes the reader is familiar with Lua and knows the basics of creating add-ons using Houston and Apollo. 

What’s a Pixie?

Pixies are textured rectangles that can be drawn anywhere within a window. Like windows, they have anchor points and offsets, can contain text, and have a background sprite. Unlike windows, they have no styles, tooltips, or event handlers, and they cannot have children.

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A Complete Newbie’s Guide to Apollo and Houston

This tutorial will function both as a simple tutorial for those who may not have any experience with WildStar’s addon system, AND as a way of testing our syntax highlighting plugins for Lua and how well tutorial posting works in this theme.

Before we dive into any real addons that have sprung up during the WildStar beta (or even any addons with a real use), it would be worthwhile to cover a bit of how WildStar handles addons, and the process by which create them. If you’re already familiar with addon development, much of this may be redundant; I apologize. The final form of the addon will also be included as a .zip file at the end of the tutorial post.

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Under Construction, Please Bear With Us

So, it’s time to get the NASA site up and running, and get some tutorials, guides and tools up here.  However, it’s going to take Viper, Draft and myself a little while to get all the ducks in a row and make sure the Chua haven’t left any traps in the server; bear with the dust and noise for a bit as we get everything squared away. 🙂