About NASA

What Is NASA?

The Nexus Addon Standards Association, or NASA, is an organization which exists to provide resources such as tools and libraries (under the auspices of the Gemini Project), tutorials and standards to the WildStar add-on development community.  NASA was born out of the add-on community in WildStar’s closed beta, and the enthusiasm that Carbine’s lead client developer Jon Wiesman (a.k.a. Bitwise) had for the community being built around the add-on system he created for WildStar.

Why “NASA”?

WildStar uses a language called “Lua” for addons, as do many MMOs.  “Lua” is Portuguese for “moon”, and so Bitwise chose to name the add-on API “Apollo” and the development tools “Houston”, in reference to the lunar program.  Similarly, the debugging tool he created for use in the game was given the name “Rover”.

In light of this naming scheme, “NASA” seemed a natural name for the organization being assembled to handle add-on standards!  This is also why NASA’s standardized library program is referred to as “the Gemini Project”.  (And yes, technically Gemini came before the Apollo program, but “Gemini” sounds much better than “STS” does, if we went for the shuttle program instead.)

BPL Bunny Mascot…I Have To Ask, What The Heck Is The Bunny-Thing In Your Logo?

So, the BPL’s mascot—which NASA folks affectionately call the Derpy Space Bunny—has sort of come to represent WildStar addons. As such, Derpy there had to make it into the NASA logo. (Why the BPL’s mascot is a derpy looking space bunny-thing in the first place, I have no idea; someone will have to ask Bitwise.)

You can see an image of the original BPL bunny just to the right of this section.

Okay, So Who Are You Guys?

Well, any WildStar developer with a lot of enthusiasm for the community is welcome to join!  However, the folks currently behind the NASA effort and site are PacketdancerViper and draftomatic.  There are other developers involved, but those three will be your hosts here for the moment.  Hopefully you find the information we put together useful!

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